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Radiant Heating, Heat Tracing, & Snow and Ice Melting

Welcome to Heatizon, a US manufacturer of award winning electric radiant products. We offer unique products that fit so many applications including ones that only our products can safely achieve.

Since 1979 we have manufactured our electric radiant products with care, designed projects for performance and satisfaction, and shared our knowledge with our customers, so that each project performs and delivers to the highest standards in the industry. As a company we strive to deliver satisfaction on every level with ourradiant floor heating, snow melting, roof deicing, pipe tracing and gutter deicing and heat tracing products.

Heated Driveways &
Surface Snow Melting Systems

The most versatile products for any project where you want to melt snow. Designed to ASHRAE Standards for each individual project and application, eliminating overdesign and saving energy while promoting longevity.

 Snow melt for concrete surfaces
 Snow melt for asphalt surfaces
 Retrofit systems for existing surfaces
 Snow melting for pavers


Heat Trace, Roof Snow &
Ice Dam Solutions

Under roof ice melt with ZMesh, Tuff Cable and over roof GutterMelt Self Regulating or Mineral Insulated heat trace products. Solve roof ice problems for good with the most experienced products!

 Roof ice melt for non-metal roofs
 Roof ice melt for metal roofs
 Membrane Roof deicing
 Control water flow, icicles & snow loads


Floor & Space Heating Systems

Engineered to meet the needs of any electric under floor heating application, including retrofit and hardwood floor radiant heat applications. Heat for floors or the entire space.

 Heated tile & stone floors
 Nail down hardwood floors
 Floating and laminate floors
 Carpet heating
 Shower floor heating
 Large and small areas


At Heatizon our mission is to deliver the highest quality, technologically advanced, electric radiant floor heating, snow melting, roof deicing, gutter melting, and heat trace systems possible for any application. We provide the most thorough technical support necessary to insure that our customers are completely satisfied with our products.  Our Tuff Cable, ZMesh, Cozy Heat, Hott-Wire, GutterMelt and Floorizwarm products are designed to surpass our competition in convenience, design, performance, longevity, and energy savings.

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