Heatwave Radiant Floor Heating Mats & Cables

heatwave-6The Heatwave Line Voltage Floor Heating Kit is an easy to install radiant floor heating solution for smaller areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Available is a programmable thermostat with GFCI Protection, power modules for additional expansion and our detailed installation manual.

The Heatwave Mat system is designed to be installed in thinset directly under your floor.
when installing, simply cut the mesh to change the direction of the roll as you lay down the mat. Heatwave mats are one of the easiest radiant floor heating applications to install. The mat system attaches to the subfloor using a double-sided tape that is built into the mat and optional staples. This floor heating product has a Limited Lifetime Warranty* and is ETL listed for the US and Canada.


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*Limited Lifetime Warranty corresponds to whatever floor covering is installed IMMEDIATELY following the installation of the cable/mat. Removal of the floor covering installed in-conjunction with the cable/mat, will conclude the warranty on the cable/mat.