Bathrooms & Kitchens – Radiant Heating Kits

Radiant Floor Heating Kits – Bathrooms & Kitchens

Warm feet on any hard bathroom & kitchen flooring is a luxury you will want to experience first hand. Heatizon systems are designed to heat areas that are have tile and other hard, naturally cold floor coverings. Heatizon offers a few systems that work perfectly in all size of bathrooms & kitchens.

floorizwarmWith unmatched quality and longevity when installing a Floorizwarm radiant floor heating system in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and other living areas you will get a value that will outlast the competition. If you are remodeling a home or building, consider the benefits of a Floorizwarm, floor heating system.
Safety & Reliability

Floorizwarm is listed by ETL to conform to UL Standards. Utilizing state of the art components, the Floorizwarm, floor heating system has no moving parts to fail, and no water lines to break or crack. Add a 25-year warranty on the Floorizwarm Low Voltage Tuff Cable heating element, and you are guaranteed to have years of trouble-free comfort for tile floors and other surfaces.
Select the right heating element.

For effective home heating, you must select a radiant heating element that efficiently transfers heat, but is also safe to use. Heatizon Systems has manufactured, tested and tried many types of elements, and found several winners.
Low Voltage

Each Floorizwarm AC model comes complete with a Power Unit, a programmable floor temperature sensing thermostat with 7 day programming options to fit your lifestyle, 20 feet of Cold Lead connecting the heating cable to the Power Unit, and enough Tuff Cable heating element to easily conform to your area and satisfy your floor heating needs. Experience the power of Low Voltage!