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Radiant Heating Joists or Retrofit


Installing a radiant space heating system can be done even when you have finished floors. While the majority of floor heating products are in floor radiant heat systems, they have to go in before the installation of the floor covering. Heatizon Systems was the first to develop a method with our versatile ZMesh product that can be installed underneath the floor in the joists that, when installed, effectively heats an area from below the floor of the room you wish to heat. Installing our ZMesh system in the joists of your floor is an easy and convenient method to an afterthought problem!

Selecting the right heating element for radiant floor heating joists.

ZMesh Bronze Screen Radiant Heating

  • Low Voltage
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Nail & Staple through

Computer-based operation

A radiant heating system for joists can't claim to be safe, efficient, or reliable unless there is a way to monitor it 24/7. Heatizon Systems low voltage radiant heating products are self monitoring providing the safest products in the industry.

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Diagrams for Retrofit Applications:

Specifications in Word Format

Click the link to enlarge a preview: ZMesh Floor/Space Heating
ZMesh Retrofit in Floor Joists
ZMesh Radiant Floor Heating Joists

Schematics DWG Files

Radiant Heating Joists
You are here: Home Products Space Heating Retrofit
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