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Radiant Roof Deicing for Membrane Roofs

Heatizon's ZMesh roof ice melt system is a very durable, 9" wide bronze screen heating element. For membrane roof deicing applications, ZMesh is designed to be installed under membranes for deicing around drains and drain paths, along service walkways and around equipment.  Large areas can be covered with Heatizon products to solve problems with heavy snow loads, ice accumulation, and  provide leak prevention. 9" wide ZMesh is easily installed UNDER the roofing material and can be placed between gypsum board layers or plywood, while having the outstanding ablility to be nailed and stapled through.

For metal roofing solutions see our Metal Roof Ice Melt applications.

For non-metal roofing such as asphalt shingles see our Non Metal Roof Ice Melt applications.

ZMesh has been a popular solution for membrane roof deicing, preventing heavy snow loads, minimizing ice on the roof and around drains. Heatizon roof products are an effective solution without the appearance of uninviting, visible wires on the roof that may compromise the aesthetics of an expensive building, a walking hazard, and require routine replacement every other year becuase they are exposed to the elements. ZMesh has been proven time and time again to be the best roof ice and snow melting product with our industry leading 25 year warranty. The longevity of this product speaks for itself.

Heatizon ZMesh and Tuff Cable are the ONLY products listed to melt snow and ice for installations under roofing materials (UL1588). These systems are the only system listed on the market that follow Article 426 of the NEC for under roof or enclosed panel applications.

Select the right heating element

Low Voltage


ZMesh Radiant Roof Deicing
zmesh radiant membrane roof deicing systems
  • Nail or staple down
  • large area coverage
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity

ZMesh is a bronze screen heating element that can be nailed and stapled through. At ~1/16 inch thick and 9 or 12 inches wide, ZMesh provides an even and powerful heat to melt snow and ice, provide drainage and safe walking on membrane roofs year round.
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Tuff Cable Floor Warming Systems
Tuff Cable floor heating products
  • High strength and flexible
  • Customized coverage
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity

Tuff Cable is a durable copper coated conductor that can be installed in a Heatizon Heatsink Kit or Invizimelt Panel for membrane roofs where more performance is needed with more heat.  Tuff Cable is safe,easy to repair, customizable, and cut to length in the field.
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Roof Deicing Brochure - PDF



 How does it work?

  • ZMesh installed for snow load protection
  • ZMesh installed under a membrane to remove ice
  • ZMesh under a membrane
  • ZMesh Membrane School Roof
  • ZMesh Thermal Image


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