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Radiant Heat SAVES LIVES! – Trade Show Presentation

Take a look at our presentation, ‘Radiant Heat Saves Lives,’ from the Design Outdoors Canada show, March 22 & 23 in Toronto Canada which we attended with our Canadian distributor, Power Plant Supply Company.  

Ice Dams, Snow Loads, Icicles

  Ice Dams, Snow Loads, Icicles By Steven D. Bench Managing Member, Heatizon Systems     Heatizon Systems products, and their approved applications, proudly carry the ETL Mark for the United States and Canada verifying that they have been tested to and successfully passed the stringent tests established by both UL and CSA. It is important

Heatizon’s Spec Projects

Press Release For Immediate Release September 24, 2007 – Heatizon Systems products are selected for snow-melting project at Islip Public Library in New York. Murray, Utah – The Architect Firm of Beatty Harvey & Associates selected Heatizon Systems products for their snow melting needs at the Islip Public Library in New York.  The projects electrical


  Affordable SnowMelt Solutions     By Ann Robinson and Annie Schwemmer December 21, 2007     Snowmelt systems are designed to take the sting out of Utah winters. Last week we discussed a permanent system to keep snow and ice off your driveway. The system, which can be expensive, features electric cables or hot

Toasty Toes Floor Warming

Toasty toes: Radiant Floor Heating Warms Tiles from Below Northern Virginia Daily by Sally Voth, Daily Staff Writer 28 September, 2007 There’s nothing like a hot bubble bath on a frigid winter’s night. And, nothing snaps you back to reality faster than stepping out of the tub and onto a cold tile floor.  These days,


OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the US government’s enforcement arm for safety and health issues has been tasked with overseeing professional independent testing laboratories. The best known of all independent testing laboratories is Underwriters Laboratories, UL. UL was established by insurance underwriters to find ways to reduce unsafe hazards in the marketplace, thereby

Radiant Roof Snow Melt and Deicing

Damage caused to buildings, people and property by snow and ice build-up and removal, ice dams, and icicles amounts to millions of dollars each year. The effectiveness of the methods historically used to manage snow and ice related problems has been spotty at best. The traditional methods used to prevent these large dollar problems fall into three

Benefits of Radiant Heating

The Benefits of Radiant Heating: How Do They Compare With Other Heating Applications Some of the benefits of radiant heat: Comfort: Let your bare feet soak up the warmth of soothing heat without the dust and noise associated with other heating sources. Enjoy evenly distributed heat throughout your home kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and basement. Custom

ZMesh Radiant Heat Versitility

ZMesh Radiant Heat May 12, 2006 By Steven D. Bench Managing Member Heatizon Systems When people associated with the radiant heating and radiant snow melting industry use the words “ZMesh”, “Golden Mesh”, “Z Mesh”, or just plain “Mesh” usually they are referring to a durable line of low voltage electric products made by Heatizon Systems and

Launstein Hardwood Floors

  Launstein Has Wood Floor Answers by Dan Perfitt – June 2006- Launstein Hardwood Floors   The Phones usually start ringing about 6 am every morning here at Launstien Hardwood Flooring Company. The answering machine will pick them up until 8 am when the sales staff and radiant test guys come marching through the door