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Tired of Shoveling Your Driveway?

Outdoor Snowmelt Systems are becoming more popular By Ann Robinson and Annie Schwemmer December 14, 2007 Did you ever hear your dad say, “Shut that door! Are you trying to heat the whole outdoors?” Well, today a whole industry has sprung up with just that goal in mind. Several factors contribute to the rise of

Installing Radiant Heat in the Winter

By now most of North America has had its first cold snap. If this has convinced you to upgrade your home or business with radiant heat, then there are a few things to know first. 1. Heated Floors Can Be Installed Anytime Heated floors and other indoor systems can be installed in any weather. December

Radiant Heat Experts Continue to Innovate

Radiant heating has been in use for millennia and is constantly evolving. Early evidence indicates that floors heated by channeling smoke from fires through trenches under the stone floor were built in Asia as early as 5,000 BC. More notably, the Greeks and Romans used hypocaust systems to heat buildings with hot air channeled beneath

The Benefits of a Custom Radiant Heat Solution

As radiant heating has grown in popularity, the number of products to choose from has ballooned. Whether your goal is snow melting, roof deicing, or the comfort of heated floors and spaces, there are a staggering amount of products available. Once you decide on an electric system, additional choices present themselves. Will the system be

Installing Hott-Wire in New Pour Asphalt

One of the many selling points of Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable is that it can be installed in hot asphalt with minimal accommodations. This durable cable is capable of withstanding the heat as well as pressure from the tools and equipment used.

Heating Things Up For 20 Years

Heatizon, pronounced “Heat Is On” began manufacturing its unique line of low voltage radiant heating products nearly 20 years ago in 1996. In the years since then we have added a whole range of products for snow melting, floor and space heating, and roof deicing. From our industrial grade GutterMelt Self-Regulating cable to our DIY

What Is A Product Listing?

At Heatizon Systems, we regularly state that all of our products are listed. What does it mean to have a product listed? Why does a listing matter to a customer? And what do acronyms like ETL, UL, CSA, OSHA, and NRTL mean?

Troubleshooting Tips for Control Units

One of the many benefits of electric radiant heat is its solid-state design. In contrast to the pumps, boiler, and liquid-filled tubes of hydronic systems, electric systems involve no moving parts. Our cable and mesh systems operate for years when installed properly, all with no regular maintenance. However, as with all things mechanical or electric,

How Much Snow Did You Shovel This Year?

This winter has been brutal for the East Coast. With unusually cold temperatures and high amounts of snowfall, keeping roads clear and preventing structural damage from snow load has become a significant undertaking.

The Versatility of Radiant Heat

Heatizon’s products utilize electric radiant heat to provide effective deicing, snow melting, and floor or space warming. Every now and again, we get a more “unique” request. Take a look at some of these less traditional projects and get an idea of just how versatile electric radiant heat can be.