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Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof

Leaks in the attic? Stains on the ceilings? Damaged roof shingles after a long winter? You may be suffering from ice dams. This article is an explanation of ice dams and possible solutions to prevent them from occurring in the future. Ice Dams An ice dam occurs when the temperature at the base of the

Membrane Roof (EPDM or TPO/PVC) Deicing

Membrane Roofs (EPDM or TPO/PVC) – Heating them, life expectancy and options   EPDM is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM roofs are singly ply membranes (one ply of roofing material, not multiple laminated layers).  Since the 1960’s EPDM roofs have been used in the United States and is a quite common roofing material for low slope