Radiant Heat Experts Continue to Innovate

Radiant Heat Experts Continue to Innovate

invizimelt-roof-deicingRadiant heating has been in use for millennia and is constantly evolving. Early evidence indicates that floors heated by channeling smoke from fires through trenches under the stone floor were built in Asia as early as 5,000 BC. More notably, the Greeks and Romans used hypocaust systems to heat buildings with hot air channeled beneath the floor and in the walls.

From the hypocaust to the Franklin Stove, radiant heat has continuously improved. Experts make use of new materials and technologies to continue to improve both the efficiency of radiant heating systems as well as the variety of uses for them. Electric radiant heat is now used not only for interior floor and space heating, but roof deicing, snow melting, and heat tracing as well.

Built on the success and unique nature of low voltage ZMesh and Tuff Cable, Heatizon has adapted these and other products to provide a comprehensive list of solutions for any project. From ZMesh and Invizimelt for heating beneath roofing materials, to In Pipe for freeze protection inside of pipes, we are continually looking for a better way to heat things up.

We’ve previously written about some of the unusual uses of our systems over the years. Beyond these unique adaptations, we are frequently developing new and better solutions to more common challenges.

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