The Benefits of a Custom Radiant Heat Solution

The Benefits of a Custom Radiant Heat Solution

radiant heating systemAs radiant heating has grown in popularity, the number of products to choose from has ballooned. Whether your goal is snow melting, roof deicing, or the comfort of heated floors and spaces, there are a staggering amount of products available.

Once you decide on an electric system, additional choices present themselves. Will the system be low or line voltage? Will you use mesh, mats, or free-flowing cable? How will the system be activated?

Heatizon products are sold by a select group of distributors. These trusted companies are experienced professionals and know how best to accomplish snow melting, roof deicing, floor and space heating efficiently and effectively. Our distributors are experienced in developing systems to meet specific project needs.

Heatizon offers floor warming mats, and other products that are great fits for simple DIY projects. But these one size fits all options miss out on the benefits of a tailor-made solution using our ZMesh, Tuff Cable and other premier products. Here’s a look at some of these benefits.


Our snow melting systems are designed using regional ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) data. This information allows our distributors to create a system which will generate the correct amount of heat to melt snow in your project’s geographic location. This ensures an effective system, while avoiding the power costs from excess heat.

Heat Loss

For space heating applications, it is important to design a system capable of heating the entire space. Heatizon distributors use heat loss calculations to do just that, providing you with a warm comfortable space.


ASHRAE data and heat loss information are just a few of the ways a customized solution is more efficient. Our experienced distributors know our products in and out and specialize in creating effective and efficient solutions to meet the unique needs of your project.


Heatizon low voltage products represent the highest quality on the market. With industry leading 25 year warranties and over 30 years of use, ZMesh and Tuff Cable have earned their place as the premier solutions to interior and exterior radiant heating projects.

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