Tips for Installers, Part 3: Final Testing and Installing the Control Units

Tips for Installers, Part 3: Final Testing and Installing the Control Units

Heated Ramp with electric cablesThis is the final entry in our series of installation tips. This post includes covering and testing the heating element, and the installation of the control units. For information on planning the layout and starting the process, see Part One and for tips on installing the heating element and activation devices visit Part Two.


Covering the Element

Cover the element as instructed in the installation manual, taking precautions to avoid damaging the heating element. Once the element has been covered, another test should be made. Compare the results of this element test with the one taken during installation of the element. If the results don’t match the heating element should be checked for damage.

Installing the Control Units

The control units or relay panels are installed in the location selected by the customer. The installation manual and wiring diagrams provide instructions for making the connections. Once installed, the device should be tested to ensure it properly turns the system on and off. After this, the final start up and post installation tests are performed and recorded for warranty purposes. It is a good idea to meet with the client and review the operation of the system upon completion.

This is the final entry in a three part series of installation tips. Part 1 is located here. Part 2 can be found here.

For more on installing Heatizon products, including manuals and videos, visit the Installation area of our website.