How to Void a Heatizon Systems Warranty

How to Void a Heatizon Systems Warranty

By Steve Bench

Heatizon Systems skilled craftsmen make its radiant heating and snow melting products out of the finest materials available. To support its high quality objectives each of Heatizon Systems products carry industry leading Warranties that are straight forward and cover all defects in materials and workmanship for the entire warranty period. For those select customers that desire to have additional warranty coverage Heatizon Systems offers several different Extended Warranty Plans. Check with your Heatizon Systems distributor for additional details of Heatizon Systems Warranty and Extended Warranty Plans.

Regardless of the product, or the company that makes it, prospective customers should read the entire warranty rather than just the portions that are in large bold print. Why? Often times the most important terms and conditions of the warranty are in the smallest of print while the most emotionally stimulating terms are in the bold and/or most colorful print.

Heatizon Systems primary objective is to have its customers have a great experience with its products both today and for years into the future. By satisfying a few simple requirements Heatizon Systems Warranties will be effective and cover your Heatizon Systems products for the entire warranty period. Those requirements are:

1) Do not abuse, alter, misuse or improperly install your Heatizon Systems product;

2) Do not integrate components not approved by or purchased from Heatizon Systems into your Heatizon Systems product;

3) Do not forget to complete and return the Warranty Card for your Heatizon Systems product.

Heatizon Systems prides itself in offering its fine customers Warranties that are straight forward, comprehensive and long term.