The Greenest of the Greens

The Greenest of the Greens

Most of us are familiar with the green movement and have responded to it in ways we deem appropriate.  Regardless of ones particular opinion of the Green Movement, most of us believe in recycling where economically possible, utilizing the most energy efficient products available and buying products that will satisfy our needs for long periods of time in an effort to reduced waste at landfills.

Economical Recycling
Many things are done each day in the name of recycling but true recycling only occurs when the original product can be economically recycled into another useful product.  For example the technology does not exist to recycle a plastic milk jug into another plastic milk jug so it is necessary to subsidize turning the plastic milk jug into something like synthetic decking material.  Most metals on the other hand can be economically recycled into other metal products.  Heatizon Systems goes to great lengths to make its products out of materials that can be economically recycled adding a product benefit in the LEED ratings.

Energy Efficiency
Design plays an important role in any products ability to be energy efficient and to optimize its energy efficiency in a specific application.  The design necessary to get the most output from any energy input can take place prior to and during the manufacturing process of the product and/or it can take place in the design of the project into which a given project is to be installed.

In the hydronic radiant heating and snow melting business distributors commonly combine several individual products made by different companies into a package and sell it to the installer.  In order for the various products made by different companies to maximize their energy efficiency and performance it is essential that they be compatible and correctly selected.  Once combined, the energy efficiency of the project will be contingent upon the effectiveness of the design and the installation or implementation of that design.

Heatizon Systems takes a different approach.  Its engineers spend a great deal of time designing products that are compatible with one another so that the energy efficiency and performance are maximized.  As a result of these design efforts all of Heatizon Systems’ products are 99 to 100 percent energy efficient, are easy to install and perform as expected.

Radiant heating and snow melting products are no different than every other product available in that there is a direct correlation between the cost of making them and the quality and length of service they will deliver.  High quality products are made from materials that cost more but have long life expectancies.  The world’s landfills are full of products that were of low quality and designed to have relatively short service lives.  Heatizon Systems designs its products to perform for as long as the materials into which they will be embedded are reasonably expected to last.