Hot Talk Newsletter – July 2013

Hot Talk Newsletter – July 2013

Heatizon Under Shingle De-icing July 2013 Newsletter
Under shingle roof de-icing low voltage products
ZMesh under shingle ice melt working

Heatizon has been
recommending its low voltage roof ice melt systems that are installed under the roofing material since 1979. There are 3 different methods to install these systems depending on the application and also these systems can be customized to fit an size or area. Heatizon roof solutions offer ice dam mitigation, icicle control, snow load control, and provide drain paths for water, providing a long term solution with industry leading technology. Heatizon low voltage roof de-icing systems have a 25 year warranty.

How does an under shingle roof ice melt system work?

Protected under the roof
ZMesh is a bronze screen low voltage heating element that can be nailed and stapled through. ZMesh can be installed under any non-conductive shingle or membrane roof material. Tuff Cable is installed in a Heatsink Kit or Invizimelt Panel system.

Tuff Cable is installed under conductive roofing, decks or membrane surfaces. Tuff Cable can produce more heat that ZMesh which is essential for metal surfaces due to rapid heat transfer and loss. Both of these systems are cut to length in the field.
zmesh ice dam prevention schematic
Pictures of heatizon low voltage deicing products installed
The benefits of a heatizon low voltage deicing systems
Invisible! These systems are invisible to the eye, installed under the shingles, membrane, metal, or any roof covering. The longevity of Heatizon low voltage roof and deck de-icing systems are unmatched.
  • Ice Dam Mitigation
  • Icicle Prevention
  • Snow Load Management
  • Drain Paths for Water
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Residential
  • Easily zoned areas
  • No maintenance
  • Automated
  • 100% Efficient
  • Industry Leading Warranties
Roof valley deicing to prevent ice dams
Technical information about snow melting systems
Shematic of zmesh installed under a roof

We have the experience and contacts to offer complete support for any job you may encounter, big or small. From the beginning to the end we can assist you with the most qualified experience in the industry. Contact one of our representatives today!
“don’t be left out in the cold.”

– Heatizon Systems

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