Hot Talk Newsletter – March 2015

Hot Talk Newsletter – March 2015

Hot Talk Newsletter

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Installing in Cold Weather

zmesh under membrane roofDue to the extreme winter some regions have experienced this year, we are seeing a rising number of roof collapses due to snow load problems. 

Many of these are flat roofs on commercial buildings. Our ZMesh and Tuff Cable products are one solution to snow load problems. Easily installed under a variety of roofing materials, including membranes, they can be used to provide drainage paths, melt trouble spots, and keep the roof clear. 


How Much Snow Did You Shovel This Year?

Hint: It isn’t measured in pounds.

Let’s take a look at how significant all this snow really is.

Heated Sidewalk

Radiant Heat and Wood Floors

Heatizon’s ZMesh product is perfect for heating wood floors. It easily rolls out and can be nailed or stapled through when the floor is laid over the top. ZMesh provides a precise and even heat that takes the luxury of wood floors to a new level.

ZMesh installed for in floor heating