Illinois Distribution with Kalb Corporation

Illinois Distribution with Kalb Corporation

Press Release

Ryan Bench
Heatizon Systems

Heatizon Systems and Kalb Corporation Bring Radiant Heating to Illinois

Heatizon Systems is pleased to partner with Kalb Corporation in Oneida, Illinois as an authorized distributor. Kalb Corporation supplies Heatizon’s line of snow melting, roof deicing and floor and space heating products to Illinois and the surrounding area. 

“At Kalb Corporation, we look for companies that will become more than just suppliers, but ‘partners’ in our success. The Heatizon company is comprised of quality people, who provide quality products, at a fair price and deliver their products amazingly quick.” said Mike Kalb, President and Founder of Kalb Corporation.

Heatizon’s distributors contribute to projects across North America, providing products and expertise. Moving forward, Kalb Corporation will continue to be an important partner in delivering electric radiant heating solutions to the Midwest.

HEATIZON SYSTEMS manufactures low and line voltage heating systems, providing roof deicing, snow melting, and interior heating solutions for commercial, residential and government projects. Heatizon products are sold by industry professionals via a distributor network.

KALB CORPORATION has been providing quality components, equipment, and services since 1986. Headquartered in Oneida, Illinois, Kalb Corporation specializes in the sourcing and acquisition of quality components and materials for its clients.

Kalb Corporation
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Oneida, Illinois 61467