MBS International Airport ZMesh Roof Ice Melt System

MBS International Airport ZMesh Roof Ice Melt System

Roof Ice Melt & Drain De-icing System at the new MBS International Airport Terminal


MBS International Airport

FREELAND, MICHIGAN October 2012- Heatizon Systems has a unique presence at the new MBS International Airport Terminal, in the Great Lakes Bay Region, in providing an extensive roof deicing system for the unique and flowing roof ridge and drain design. 

This new terminal touts sustainablity through energy-saving design elements with local materials and supplies being used whenever possible to practice LEED standards.  The designers and developers did not pursue overall LEED certification in order to minimize the 25% increase in overall cost to do so.   Approval for design of the new Terminal from Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc (RS&H), an aviation and architectural firm came in 2008 with preliminary funding already secured under the FAA Airport Improvement Program and the Airport itself.

The main design agenda was to meet needs of passengers, carriers and tenants for the long term with an easy to maintain, efficient to operate and easily adaptable use for future and the present needs. At $50 Million, and six years in the making from preliminary plans to completion, the new Terminal will now open ahead of schedule by the end of October 2012, and will replace the existing terminal built in 1965.

Heatizons low voltage ZMesh roof ice melt was incorporated on the sloping roofs to allow for efficient drain paths, to manage snow loads and snow accumulation on the flowing slopes of this unique roof design.  26 CBX23 Control Units were used with S203 transformers powering our low voltage ZMesh bronze screen heating element.  ZMesh was concealed under the membrane roofing material incorporating an efficient design to melt snow while allowing the water to efficiently drain into the drainage system of at the bottom of the slopes, preventing any ice build up around these crucial points.  

Heatizon Roof Ice Melt at MBS International Airport


This system was supported by Warmquest (Heatizon Authorized Distributor). Features of the system include an activation scheme that is controlled by a sophisticated system of temperature moisture sensors which activate when the temperature falls below the set point while moisture is present. Monitoring of each zones is achieved with Heatizons M329 Selector Boxes controlling up to 12 zones each.  Manual override capabilities also ensure that ice and snow never build up around the roof drains that route through the heated part of the building. 

Over 5000′ of 9″ wide ZMesh heating element was installed, per the system design, and control units were strategically placed throughout the buidling with a central convenient location for controls and monitoring.

Heatizon products were chosen for this project because they promote longevity, performance, and added control features.  ZMesh has a 25 year warranty, with a performance record expected years beyond that, having systems operating flawlessly since 1979. These features made ZMesh an attractive solution to solve the weather implications a large commercial design such as this Airport would face in Michigan.

The MBS International Airport structure is now insured for safety, longevity and efficient operation by incorporating our unique roof ice melt products.


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