New & Remodel Radiant Space heating

Space Heating for New / Remodel

If you’re looking for an efficient way to heat a sun-room, basement, or even your entire home or office, you’ve come to the right place. Heatizon Systems manufactures energy efficient space heating products that can be suited to work in any radiant heating application. Heatizon provides products to match your project, we offer the most versatile product line on the market today and unmatched customer and project support.

Select the right heating element.

For effective home space heating, you must select a radiant heating element that efficiently transfers heat, but is also safe to use. Heatizon Systems has tested and tried many types of elements, and found several winners.

Tuff Cable Radiant Floor Heating
25 Year Warranty
Low Voltage
Cozy Heat Radiant Floor Heating
10 Year Warranty
Line Voltage
ZMesh Radiant Floor Heating
25 Year Warranty
Low Voltage

Computer-based operation

A radiant heating system can’t claim to be safe, efficient, or reliable unless there is a way to monitor it 24/7. Because the conditions within a home isn’t perfectly consistent, Heatizon has developed computerized control systems that dynamically monitor and adjust the element to accommodate these changes.