How to buy/get more info about our products

Looking to buy a Heatizon electric radiant product?  Need more info about the particular application and/or project for which you need radiant heat?

Heatizon uses a network of distributors located across the United States and Canada to service our customers informational needs. Through this network, our customers can get uncompromising service through all phases for to buy, installation, and years of use. Local distributors take into account local parameters to deliver a system that is tailored to your specific needs.

By filling out the form below, or available site wide, we will hand your information off to the distributor that can best suit your needs, first on a local basis and then on project scope. We like to ensure that every potential Heatizon customer gets exactly the service the should be getting…  the best service available.

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Please fill out a info/quote request form:

Heatizon and our distributors take your information seriously.  We DO NOT share, sell or distribute customer information obtained on our website to anyone outside of our our company or network of approved distributors. Heatizon takes prides in getting to our potential customers quickly. Please call us if you have not heard from a distributor within 2 business days.

We have a super-long and boring privacy policy, should you be interested.