We warm up the cold spots

Offering a wide range of clean, efficient, reliable electric radiant heating systems for floors, spaces, roofs, exterior surfaces, and pipes.

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Snow Melting for Exterior Surfaces

Snow Melting for Exterior Surfaces

A range of low and line voltage cables & systems for all types of exterior surfaces. Including our revolutionary Pedestal Paver Heating System

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Premier Roof Deicing Systems

The ONLY products certified to provide INVISIBLE roof deicing underneath most roofing materials.

Get Rid of Ice Dams
Premier Roof Deicing Systems

Industry Leading Floor/Space Heating

Offering heating cables and our revolutionary ZMesh all of which can heat floors like no other system.

Experience Radiant HeatWarm Your Floors

A Variety of Applications

Heatizon products benefit from being applicable in many scenarios. We have solutions designed for commercial, industrial and of course, residential.

Commercial & Industrial
A Variety of Applications

What Our Customers Say

  • “I wanted to write you about your product. We remodeled a downstairs bathroom in our house about 3 years ago. We wanted ceramic tile, but were concerned about the cold feel of it in the basement. We installed a small Heatizon System in that room and laid tile over it. The bathroom was immediately the most comfortable room in the whole house. We like the system so well, that less than a year later we put a warm floor, in a room that used to freeze your feet with shoes on.

    We are so happy with your systems that we have installed (another) one in our family room under carpet. The rooms now have a warm feeling in them that surrounds you. I closed off the forced air vents to the rooms with Heatizon in them. The temperature stays the same all winter long. I lay on the floor now when I watch television. The carpet is nice and warm all winter.

    We have had no trouble whatsoever with our systems. I highly recommend Heatizon to any one looking for a heating system that will make their rooms comfortable, even temperature with no fan noise, no fuss, and no problems.”

    Kyle – Utah
  • “We have used the (Heatizon) system since 1996 and have been satisfied with its performance. We use the system on the north side of our city hall. Keeping this area free of snow and ice is important because it is the main public access building. We have also been pleased with the minimal amount of energy used to power the system.”

    Art – Utah
  • “After heating 700 square feet of remodeled basement for two months with ZMesh as the only source of heat, I thought I should send you an email letting you know how satisfied I am with your product. I am pleased to say with the ZMesh installed, my basement floor is warmer than my upstairs floors. It has made my basement floor the center of activities for this cold winter.

    Also, I wish to express my extreme satisfaction with the customer service I received before, during and after the installation. From your tech support to your sales people, your staff met or exceeded my high expectations.

    My most pleasant surprise was the cost to operate the system. After two months, the cost is only about $1.50/day to keep my basement floor at 72 degrees!

    I would not hesitate to recommend your product to my friends, or anyone else who might be interested in heating their basement.”

    Bob – Wisconsin
  • “[The Heatizon Distributor] did an excellent job answering my questions about the details involved in selection and installation. The installation went well and the system does what it is designed to do. We can now use our driveway year round! Thanks again for your help.”

    Ted – Washington
  • “We just want to tell you how much we enjoy our Heatizon System. We live at 5300 feet, and in a canyon, so we have given the system a ‘work out’ to keep our home warm. It is marvelous to pad barefoot across hardwood and tile floors and have the floors warm and cozy feeling.”

    Vicki – Utah
  • “Our house was initially designed to be solar heated, but since solar heat was not approved by our loan, the best alternative was electric heat. There are nine heat zones throughout the house. Maintenance on this system is minimal. We have liked this heat, and would not consider replacing it. The heat is clean, quiet, even throughout the house, is comfortable when standing and sitting, the floors are warm ( our pets prefer to sleep on the floor when the system is on), it is economical, especially when compared to other electrical heat forms.”

    Ed – Wyoming
  • Western Washington has moderate weather and heaters are only needed a few months each winter, but the small wall heaters in my home never kept a constant temperature. It was usually too cold and not comfortable or cozy. Radiant heat sounded like the answer, but heated water coils could potentially leak, and that wasn’t promising.

    In the spring of 2000, Heatizon ZMesh was installed under a new floating wood floor in the living room and dining room, plus under tiles in the kitchen. For the first time in 12 winters, I looked forward to coming home…to a quiet, toasty, warm house. Each morning it is delightful to step onto heated tiles. No more slippers! Sitting on the floor to watch TV is like being wrapped in down. Our heat is constant, cozy, comfortable, quiet, and even eliminated space heaters in the upstairs bedrooms.

    It sounds odd to say that radiant heat was life changing, but it truly is wonderful to be so comfortable when it is so wet and cold outside. I can’t imagine any other type of heat and I don’t worry about “springing a leak.”

    Thank you for the outstanding product!

    Lindsay – Washington
  • “We wanted our basement to be heated as we finished it. Wow! What a difference! The concrete floor is now warm for bare feet. The air in our whole house is evenly heated, no hot or cold spots, and the system is so quiet. We really like our radiant heat! We just want to thank you again.”

    Randy – Utah
  • I have to say that the Heatizon retrofit system was very user friendly and easy to install. The instructions were very easy to follow and to understand, from layout of the driveway with each zone, installation of the wire, backer rod and caulking, to hanging and installing the transformers and what I like to call the main brains of the system. The most enjoyable part of the Heatizon system is when it snows it comes on automatically and heats the driveway.

    There is nothing better than being able to walk out, get in your vehicle, drive down your driveway, and wave at your neighbor while he is shoveling his driveway.

    Thanks for a great experience!

    Tim – Colorado

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