Heatizon electric floor warming systems for laminate (floating) floors are easy and convenient, and we have the right options to choose from. Our staple down, nail through, and thin technology with ZMesh is unmatched in the industry. ZMesh is the optimal heating element to use when considering heating underneath a laminate floor because it is thin(~1/16″) and flat. ZMesh doesn’t need to be embedded in mortar and can be installed directly underneath the floor even if it has a pad. Heatizon offers other options when it comes to laminates too with our cable systems. If you need to level the floor before you install the laminate you can embed one of our cable system in the leveling layer. Mortar or self leveling material must be installed around these cables and they can also be installed in new concrete.

Heatizon offers choices to fit your applications and expectations when considering radiant heat under laminate (floating) floors. Making those kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, work spaces, lobbies, or anywhere you want to install laminate, a luxurious reality. Since 1979 Heatizon has provided solutions to heat any floor with our easy to install, versatile, long lasting and safest in the industry in floor radiant warming systems.

Choose between low voltage options like ZMesh and Tuff Cable, or line voltage options like Heatwave Mats and Cozy Heat. Heatizon tile and stone floor heating products radiate an even and gentle heat throughout the floor surface. These safe and efficient systems are easy to install and fit any application imagined. Below are our performance heating options to fit your project.

Selecting the right heating element.

  • Best Choice for Laminate
  • Complete kit.
  • Designed for small areas.
  • Shower safe.
  • Highest longevity.

ZMesh is a bronze screen heating element that can be nailed and stapled through. At ~1/16 inch thick and 9 or 12 inches ZMesh provides an even and gentle heat throughout the floor.
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  • Easy & convenient to install.
  • Cut and turn technology.
  • Even heating with full coverage.

Heatwave Mats consist of heating cable woven through a fiberglass mesh fabric. Heatwave Mats are a quick and easy roll out product for any professional or any DIY project.
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  • Specifically designed heat.
  • High strength.
  • Voltage flexibility.
  • Customized layout.

Cozy Heat comes as either a fixed length constant wattage MI Cable with cold leads or a cut to length self regulating cable. Cozy Heat is ideal for embedding in cementitous materials under most floor coverings.
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  • Nail and staple through.
  • Even, gentle heat.
  • large area coverage.
  • Highest longevity.

The Floorizwarm System is a complete kit designed for areas of 110 sqft or less boasting the same quality and longevity of our larger low voltage systems.
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  • High strength and flexible.
  • Customized coverage.
  • Cut to length.
  • Highest longevity.

Tuff Cable is a durable copper coated conductor that can be embedded in a cementitous material for underfloor heating. Tuff Cable is safe for showers, easy to repair, customizable, and cut to length in the field.
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