Tuff Cable is a durable 10 gauge coated copper heating element that is chemical and gasoline resistant. This product is designed to always be embedded into a heat sink. Examples of heat sinks are asphalt, concrete, mortar, pavers, stone, Heatizon System’s Invizimelt Panel. The heat density of the heating element is dependent on the spacing between adjacent runs and length of element. Systems are custom designed to heat loss and ASHRAE standards. Tuff Cable is used for interior floor and space heating, exterior roof and deck deicing, ice dam prevention, and snow melting on concrete, asphalt or under pavers.

  •  25 Year Warranty
  •  5 to 12 Watts per lineal foot
  •  100% efficient
  •  Thermostatically and Sensor Controlled
  •  Recyclable Materials
  •  Made in the United States of America
  •  Promotes Indoor Air Quality

Tuff Cable Floor Warming or Space Heating

Interior radiant heat applications include floor and space heating for almost all floor coverings where heatsink capability is present.

  • Harwood
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Engineered
  • Linoleum/Vinyl
Tuff Cable Floor Warming or Space Heating

Tuff Cable Snow Melting

Longevity is important when it comes to snow melting applications that include driveways, walks, and other surfaces. We design these systems to ASHRAE standards, saving you energy, it can melt snow on concrete, asphalt,  under pavers, and can be retrofit into existing surfaces!

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Pavers
  • Overlays
  • Retrofit
Tuff Cable Snow Melting

Tuff Cable Roof Deicing

For de-icing under any metal or membrane roofing material, Tuff Cable provides a long term solution while being installed discreetly under the roof surface!

  • Metal Roofs
  • Membrane Roofs
  • Valley Metal
  • Flashing
  • Metal Drip Edges 
Tuff Cable Roof Deicing

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