Invizimelt in a valley

Invizimelt is a invisible roof and deck deicing system that uses the Tuff Cable, low-voltage heating element, and a aluminum panel system that disperses heat efficiently across the whole installation area. This system provides a long term customizable solution for the most powerful deicing technology all done from under the shingle, out of sight! This revolutionary product is easy to install on the varying angles and dimensions of roofs with differing pitches and valleys. The system is modular for allowing the best solution for the individual application. The Aluminum panels that allow Tuff Cable to easily snap into, also has different pieces to swiftly assemble the system on a roof without excessive labor. Invizimelt Panels can also be used to Retrofit existing roofs over or under the roof edge shingle!

  • Easy installation
  • Powerful heat transfer
  • large area coverage
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity

Invizimelt is for exclusive use in coordination with Heatizon’s Tuff Cable, a low-voltage heating cable. Learn more about Tuff Cable and low-voltage heating.

Heatizon’s Heatsink Kit provides another long term customizable solution for powerful deicing from under the shingle. Your distributor can help you assess if Heatsink is right for your application.

Invizimelt Product Documentation: