Radiant Space Heating Systems

Whether you just want radiant space heating for a new addition or sunroom, remodeling a home, or heating an entire building, Heatizon Systems low-voltage and line voltage radiant space heating offers the comfort, safety, and reliability you’d expect from a luxury heating system.

Unlike conventional heating systems, radiant space heating products produce a clean, quiet, and uniform heat that transforms cold floors and furniture into radiant heat omitting objects. This eliminates air drafts and limits heat loss, creating an even, luxurious warmth from head to toe. Take off your shoes and relax with Heatizon radiant heating systems.

Safety For Your Family

Heatizon’s patented radiant space heat technology are the safest radiant space heating systems in the industry. Not only do our systems incorporate gentle warmth throughout your floors, but only Heatizon has a built in safety computer that constantly monitors the operation of your radiant heating system insuring the safety of you and your loved ones.

Two great options for installing radiant space heating:

New/Remodel   Retrofit

Low Voltage Electric
Radiant System
Hot Water
Radiant System
Efficiency at 100% capacity 100% 65-85%
Efficiency at 50% capacity 100% 35-65%
99% of energy is used for heating Yes No
Proper sized capacity for “Off Peak” conditions Yes No
Requires two energy sources No Yes
Moving parts, pumps, valves, etc. No Yes
Easy to repair Yes No
Routine maintenance and service required No Yes
Simple and reliable controls Yes No
Expandable – – Easy and Economical Yes No
Works with almost all floor coverings Yes No
Easy and economical installation Yes No
Extra square footage required to accommodate system
($100 to $300/square foot)
No Yes
Exhaust and/or fresh air venting required No Yes
Structural modifications and concrete required No Yes
Retrofit into existing surfaces Yes No
Simple modification for remodeling Yes No
Effective in small or large areas Yes No
Environmentally friendly Yes No
(low-voltage, no hot surfaces, no exhaust gases, nothing under high pressure)
Yes No

Worry Free Reliability

The entire Heatizon Systems product line is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out, and has nothing that requires routine maintenance. In addition, our quality heating elements are the longest lasting available and are backed by industry leading warranties. Completely eliminate winter heating maintenance with the most reliable radiant space heating system available.


Utilizing 100% of the energy it draws to create heat, Heatizon’s radiant space heating systems are incredibly energy efficient. Our systems also radiate heat directly towards room occupants allowing them to be comfortable at lower thermostat settings. And because radiant heat is stored in your floor and other objects, warm temperatures are easily maintained, resulting in low energy consumption.

Computer-based operation

A radiant space heating system can’t claim to be safe, efficient, or reliable unless there is a way to monitor it 24/7. Heatizon Systems low voltage radiant heating products are self monitoring providing the safest products in the industry.

Space Heating for New / Remodel



If you’re looking for an efficient way to heat a sun-room, basement, or even your entire home or office, you’ve come to the right place. Heatizon Systems manufactures energy efficient space heating products that can be suited to work in any radiant heating application. Heatizon provides products to match your project, we offer the most versatile product line on the market today and unmatched customer and project support.

Select the right heating element.

For effective home space heating, you must select a radiant heating element that efficiently transfers heat, but is also safe to use. Heatizon Systems has tested and tried many types of elements, and found several winners.


Radiant Heating Joists or Retrofit

Installing a radiant space heating system can be done even when you have finished floors. While the majority of floor heating products are in floor radiant heat systems, they have to go in before the installation of the floor covering. Heatizon Systems was the first to develop a method with our versatile ZMesh product that can be installed underneath the floor in the joists that, when installed, effectively heats an area from below the floor of the room you wish to heat. Installing our ZMesh system in the joists of your floor is an easy and convenient method to an afterthought problem!


ZMesh RetroFitting

Installing a radiant heating systems is easy when you are remodeling or building a new house, but what if the floor is already installed, and you don’t want to tear everything up to get radiant heat? You’re definately not out of luck, because Heatizon Systems was the first to engineer a radiant floor heating joist system as well.


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