Heatizon’s Tuff Cable heating element is a very durable, 10 gauge coated copper cable that is chemical and gasoline resistant boasting a 25 year warranty. For metal roof deicing applications, Tuff Cable is designed to be installed in Heatizon’s revolutionary Invizimelt panels. Invizimelt Panels are composed of Aluminum Panels that Tuff Cable snaps into providing an effective result and a quick and easy way to install the system. Invizimelt Panels can also be used to Retrofit existing roofs over or under the roof edge shingle!

Also available are our specialized Heatsink Kits, which are a cementitous material that can be installed under the metal roofing system on the sub-roof. Heatsink systems are easy for customized deicing layouts and provide an evenly heated surface.

Tuff Cable roof deicing applications are designed to be aesthetically appealing and are engineered to meet our customers performance needs. These systems are completely customizable covering any width along eaves or valleys and can be installed for large areas too.

Heatizon recommends installing/extending a metal roof deicing system to the gutter/downspouts in conjunction with our roof heating systems to ensure maximum water flow. Your Heatizon distributor can provide more information about extending your system to include gutters and downspouts.

For non metal or non-conductive roofing solutions like shingles or membranes see our Non Metal Roof Ice Melt applications.

Heatizon ZMesh and Tuff Cable are the ONLY products listed to melt snow and ice for installations under roofing materials (UL 1588). These systems are the only system listed on the market that follow Article 426 of the NEC for under roof or enclosed panel applications.

Low Voltage Under Metal Roof Deicing

invizimelt for metal roof deicing
  • Easy installation
  • Powerful heat transfer
  • large area coverage
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity

Tuff Cable installed in a Heatizon Invizimelt Panel provides a long term customizable solution for the most powerful deicing technology all done from under the shingle, out of sight! Tuff Cable is safe, easy to repair, customizable, and cut to length in the field.
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Retrofit Invizimelt
Retrofit Invizimelt Installation
New Invizimelt installation
New Invizimelt Installation

Looking for a deicing solution for existing roofs?

GutterMelt SR Cable

GutterMelt is a heat tracing cable designed for roof and gutter deicing. This self-regulating cable is available in 5,9 and 12 watt configurations.
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