Heatizon offers a wide range of thermostats and activation devices for all of our products and applications. Features like moisture detection, programmable schedules, WIFI capability, temperature regulation, and others.


Heatizon has options for basic to advanced Thermostats for Floor and Space Heating. If you have an older system and are looking to upgrade to a WIFI-enabled thermostat, contact your distributor to discuss what thermostat would work for you system.

Low Voltage Options (ZMesh & Tuff Cable)

  • M321/M321RS – Standard programmable thermostat.
  • M321TS/M321TS-RS – Touchscreen programmable thermostat.
  • M321TSW/M321TSW-RS – Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat with WIFI capability.

Line Voltage Options (Cozy Heat & Heatwave)

  • M429 – Standard programmable thermostat.
  • M429TS – Touchscreen programmable thermostat
  • M429WF – Touchscreen programmable thermostat with WIFI capability.
  • M336 – Commercial grade thermostat with remote probe.

The ‘-RS’ following the part number denotes that the unit comes with a floor sensor. The M429 line of thermostats all come with a standard floor sensor.


The variety of options for snow melting activation for roofs and exterior surfaces helps make these amazing systems easy to use, and improve the overall efficiency of the system. If you are looking for simple manual operation or automatic activation with WIFI capabilities, we have a solution.

Roof, Gutter and Surface Activators

  • M326 Series – Automatic moisture/temperature activation. Options include a remote moisture sensor, single/multi-circuit power switching, 24-volt power, remote wired controller
  • M432 – Advanced controller for roof, gutter, and surface snow and ice melting. M428/M431 are the kits which include a ground moisture/temperature sensor and the M432 activator controller. The M435 is for roof/gutter applications. Kit include the M432 controller, an ambient temperature sensor and moisture sensor.
  • M332 – A simple exterior temperature activator.
  • M307 – Plug-in (120v) temperature activator for Guttermelt cord sets.


For other applications or for specific circumstances we have a few options to meet whatever the needs may be.

Miscellaneous Activators

  • M325/M325D – Manual, 12-hour dial timer for use with various systems and/or applications.
  • M515/M516/M517 – Automatic temperature activator with optional GFEP relay primarily for use in pipe heating, slab heating, and other commercial applications.
  • WIFI-BOX – A WIFI controller that can be integrated with various activators and for a variety of applications.

Contact your distributor for the best thermostat and/or activator for your application or learn more about all of our activation devices.