Heatizon’s ZMesh non-metal roof ice melt system is a very durable, 9″ bronze screen heating element. For non-metal roof deicing applications, ZMesh is designed to be installed under shingles, along eaves and up valleys where ice dams, heavy snow loads, and icicles on the roof may be a problem. 9″ ZMesh is easily installed UNDER the roofing material while having the outstanding ablility to be nailed and stapled through for any non-conductive(non-metal) shingle.

For metal roofing solutions see our Metal Roof Ice Melt applications.

ZMesh has been a popular solution for non-metal roof deicing, preventing heavy snow loads, minimizing icicles on roof edges, and ice dams prevention for cabins, lodges, banks, and other industrial and residential projects without the appearance of uninviting, visible wires on the roof that may compromise the aesthetics of an expensive building and require routine replacement every other year. ZMesh has been proven time and time again to be the best roof ice and snow melting product with our industry leading 25 year warranty. The longevity of this product speaks for itself.

Heatizon recommends installing/extending a GutterMelt deicing system in the gutter/downspouts in conjunction with our roof heating systems to ensure maximum water flow. Your Heatizon distributor can provide more information about extending your system to include gutters and downspouts.

Heatizon ZMesh and Tuff Cable are the ONLY products listed to melt snow and ice for installations under roofing materials (UL 1588). These systems are the only system listed on the market that follow Article 426 of the NEC for under roof or enclosed panel applications.

Select the right heating element:

  • Nail or staple down
  • large area coverage
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity
  • Extremely low profile

ZMesh is a bronze screen heating element that can be nailed and stapled through. It is also the best option for asphalt roofs. At ~1/16 inch thick and 9 or 12 inches wide, ZMesh provides an even and powerful heat to melt snow and ice.
Learn more about ZMesh.

  • Heat output designed to ASHRAE standards
  • High strength
  • Customized layout
  • Cut to length
  • Highest longevity

Invizimelt is the solution for shingles that are conductive. Tuff Cable is a durable copper coated conductor that can be installed in an Invizimelt Panel for roofs. Tuff Cable is safe, easy to repair, customizable, and cut to length in the field.
Learn more about Tuff Cable.

Looking for a deicing solution for existing roofs?

GutterMelt SR Cable

GutterMelt is a heat tracing cable designed for roof and gutter deicing. This self-regulating cable is available in 5,9 and 12 watt configurations.
Learn more about GutterMelt.