Information for Professionals

Many people deal with radiant heat on a frequent basis. These professionals work hard to improve peoples homes and businesses on a daily basis. Because electric radiant heat is so beneficial to people’s lives, its demand is growing to provide comfort, safety, and protection. With this comes the need for qualified professionals to help bring radiant heat home.

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If you are an Architect, Engineer, Specifier, or Inspection Professional that would like to explore Specifications, ETL listings, Schematics and Brochures click the respective link to the right/below for more information. You may also feel free to contact if you require more information: 888-239-1232.

It is important to note that each Inventory Stocking Distributor and/or Inventory Stocking Distributor Dealer is an independent company and not an agent of, contractor for, or affiliate, in any way, of Heatizon Systems. Furthermore, Heatizon Systems can attest only to the content of its Design and Installation Instructions and/or its courses, it cannot attest to or, in any way, represent that any reader of its materials or attendee at its courses will correctly install its products or conduct itself in a professional/business like manner.


professionals - Architects/Designers

Heatizon Systems manufactures radiant snowmelt, radiant floor warming, radiant roof snow melt and deicing and radiant space heating products. In an effort to insure that the ultimate purchasers of its products are completely satisfied and well served, Heatizon Systems Heatwave, Floorizwarm, In-Pipe, Out-Pipe, Tuff Cable, Radiant Track, Hott-Wire, Cozy Heat, GutterMelt and ZMesh products are distributed through a growing network of Distributors/Representatives, Dealers, and Contractors. It is important to note that each Distributor/Representative, Dealer and Contractor is an independent company and are not agents of, contractors for, or affiliates of in any way of Heatizon Systems.

Distributors/Representatives are essential members of Heatizon Systems distribution network and serve an essential role in providing the level of customer service that the discriminating purchasers of Heatizon Systems products deserve. These Professionals have been trained in all of Heatizon Systems products, their applications, design and installation. Heatizon Systems is always interested in expanding its Distribution network in strategic areas where it does not have such a Professional. If you are interested in being considered and/or evaluating the opportunity of becoming one please click here or call (888) 239-1232.

Distributor/Representative Dealer Networks have been and continue to be key players in the distribution of Heatizon Systems products. The fact that the dealers of our Distributors/Representatives do not stock an inventory of Heatizon Systems products in no way distracts from the knowledge and commitment to customer service that they have demonstrated. Each Dealer has years of experience and has attended Heatizon Systems Training Course. Dealers should know each of Heatizon Systems products, their applications and installation. to find dealers nearest you please contact one of our Professionals closest to you or call (888) 239-1232.