Serve an essential role in providing a high level of customer service as a Heatizon distributor. Thus allowing discriminating purchasers of Heatizon Systems get the support they deserve. Distributors are well trained in all of Heatizon Systems products, applications, and installation. The training provides the tools and commitment to providing an unmatched level of customer support.

Heatizon’s distributors’ offer the experience and expertise to satisfy the needs of customers to select the best Heatizon Systems product for any given application. Distributors also offer professional consulting and top of the line customer support. Heatizon Systems is always interested in expanding its distribution network.


Offer Heatizon’s products through direct retail sales at Independent Consultants, Electrical Supply Houses, Hardware Stores, Flooring Stores, and others. As a Retailers/Resellers have access to our products including:

  • GutterMelt® – self regulating heat trace custom cables and kits and our full line of accessories
  • Floorizwarm® – low voltage floor warming kits for smaller areas
  • Heatwave® – line voltage floor warming loose cables and roll out mats
  • SnowMeltz – line voltage snow melting roll out mat kits
  • Other Systems on a case-by-case basis

Heatizon resellers should have general knowledge in all Heatizon products and expansive knowledge about the line(s) they are offering. Contact Heatizon today to learn about becoming a reseller.

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