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Architects and Engineers are essential to the success of Heatizon Systems and its products. Thank you for visiting the Architects and Engineers section of our website. Heatizon Systems is committed to providing architects and engineers with the information and resources such as specifications, schematics, and design and installation manuals in order to understand each of our products, their applications, and proper installation methods. Heatizon Systems is committed to the correct design and installation of our systems and we rely heavily on Building Design Professionals, and other essential professional partners such as Contractors and Inspectors to help us achieve that objective.

The Building Design Professional’s area of is designed to provide you with quick access to all of the accurate and most timely information you may desire to have regarding the selection, application, and specification of our products. Please do not hesitate to give us constructive ideas on how we can make the Building Design Professional’s area more useful and/or easier to use.

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System Applications Overview:

Heatizon Systems makes low and line voltage products designed to melt snow and ice off of roofs and surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and pavers, warm virtually any floor surface, heat entire buildings and warm pipes and their contents from the outside and from within.

Under/Over Roof Applications:
Shingles, metal, membrane, & others.

Heatizon Systems makes products to melt snow and ice off of roofs and designed to be installed both under the roof covering material and on top of the roof covering material. Our under roof covering snow and ice melt products are sold under the brand names ZMesh, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit and Invizimelt and our on top of roof covering, gutter and downspout deicing, and pipe tracing product is GutterMelt.

    1. ZMesh – designed to be installed under non-conductive materials, including but not limited to asphalt, composite, and shake shingles, single ply, double ply, PVC, and rubber membranes roof and deck coverings, etc.
    2. Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit and Invizimelt – designed for under conductive materials like metal roofing, flashing, valley metal, etc.


  1. GutterMelt – Cut to length Self Regulating or fixed-length Mineral Insulated. These products are used on top of the roof covering materials and in the gutters, downspouts, drain pipes, etc.

Snow Melting Applications:
Concrete, asphalt, pavers, & retrofit.

Heatizon Systems makes products to melt snow and ice from virtually any surface. Our snow and ice melting products are sold under the brand names Tuff Cable, Hott-Wire SR and Hott-Wire MI for use in and under new and existing asphalt, concrete and brick and stone pavers, and ZMesh used for melting the snow and ice off of decks, patios and other exterior surfaces to be covered by a water proof surface material such as PVC and rubber membranes, polymer coatings, etc.

Floor Warming and Space Heating Applications:
Nail down hardwood, carpet, tile, stone, laminate, & floating floor applications.

Heatizon Systems makes products to provide warm floors, comfortable in/under floor radiant heating, and total space heating. Our floor warming/space heating products are sold under the brand names Cozy Heat, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, ZMesh and Tuff Cable.

Heatizon Brands and Respective Technologies:

Low Voltage Products:

Line Voltage Products:

Heatizon Product Listings:

All of Heatizon Systems products have earned the right to carry the ETL mark by successfully passing the stringent testing requirements established by Underwriters Laboratories Standards (“UL”) and the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”). As you know the ETL mark is issued by Intertek, a nationally recognized testing laboratory approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”), identical for all practical purposes to Underwriters Laboratories Testing.

In addition to making certain that each of our products is listed to UL Standards and certified to the requirements established by CSA, We publish detailed Design and Installation Manuals, Installation Schematics, and CSI Specifications, offer real-time technical support, and conduct an optional Installer Certification Course in an effort to ensure that our products are installed correctly and safely.

If you are unable to locate the information you need regarding our products, their proper installation, the appropriate Authorizations to Mark for each product, etc. We invite you to call us at (801) 293-1232 with any questions, problems or information needs you may have.

Everyone at Heatizon Systems and our entire distribution network look forward to working with you to ensure that our products are successfully installed in a manner that allows for them to perform as they have been designed to for many years into the future.