Pine Glades Road Snow Melt & Cabin Radiant Heat

Pine Glades Development – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Pine Glades Development in Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers breathtaking scenery and a unique Jackson Hole experience.  This development, 7 blocks from the town square, features a western and contemporary influence that follows LEED certification guidlines in each Condo/Cabin structure, resulting in high energy efficiency and high standard of sustainablilty.  You can find Heatizon products throughout this development, from interior space and floor heating for the Cabin residences to an extensive snow melting system for the tunnel entrance and road and sidewalks leading up the hill to the Cabin developement.  With heated sidewalks and roadways, snow fall always means fun for Pine Glades residents.

Road, Tunnel, & Sidewalk Snow Melting System

Over 100 Heatizon CBX7 Control Units and Transformers are powering the extensive low voltage Tuff Cable Snow Melting system.  Controls are stored in easily accessible vaults placed in two convenient and hidden locations within the complex underground or against the side of the mountain. Using this snow melting system eliminates plowing and the use of chemicals providing longevity to the asphalt and concrete surfaces, safety and convenience to its residents.

The road and sidewalk ice and snow melting system was designed as a preferential  zoned system designed and installed by Heatizon Distributor Homestead Furniture of Cottage Grove, Oregon.  When the system activates with its quad sensing pavement mounted temperature moisture sensors, the system initiates a preferential zone heating system with first preference being the road. When the road from the bottom tunnel entrance to the residences is clear of snow and ice, the sidewalks and parking lot will begin to clear.  If during the second cycle (sidewalk & parking area) any additional or new snow buildup is experienced on the road, it will again take preference back to the road maintaining accessibility at all times. This system also utilizes multiple M329 Selector Boxes that phases the power on or off one at a time to each individual zone(circuit), this prevents primary circuit overload.

It is important to note that this system was designed to ASHRAE standards (snow melting requirements by region) as Heatizon designs all of its snow melting systems. Designing to this standard allows for the most economical operation and performance for the customer and the environment.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming required 26 watts/sqft to meet the snow melt requirements for this application.  Tuff Cable was installed on 5″ centers to achieve the correct wattage output.  The final road covering was to be asphalt which requires machinery and a “hot” paving process.  Tuff Cable was installed in a sand based bed below the asphalt being anchored to the compacted surface.  A remote control operated conveyor belt dump truck spread and applied the sand over the Tuff Cable heating element evenly after it was anchored to the base.  The sand based layer was carefully compacted with a roller to prepare it for the final asphalt application.  Additionally, Tuff Cable was embedded in new concrete for the sidewalks, tunnel entrance, and the road drain gutters. Heatizon joint jumpers were used to span control joints as required by the National Electric Code for snow melting cables (surprisingly a unique aspect of Heatizon snow melting systems that separates these systems from the competition) see photo gallery Condo/Cabling Electric Radiant Floor and Space Heating

Each Cabin/Condo features Heatizon low voltage heating elements for entire space heating and heated floor comfort. ZMesh and Tuff Cable are used for in floor heat and zoned to create a LEED qualifying efficiency level and standard throughout the development.  ZMesh was used under the wood floors, which are the majority of the floor coverings. Using ZMesh under the wood floors was an attractive solution since it can be nailed and stapled through and provides an even and gentle heat for these solid wood floors.

Tuff Cable Floorizwarm and SLC500 Systems were used for smaller in floor heat areas such as Master Bathrooms and Utility areas.  Each condo also has a heated slab area in the garage to eliminate moisture buildup and speed drying of hanging winter recreational equipment that may drip water from melted snow on the floor.  All of the floors utilize Heatizon products and are zoned accordingly with their own programmable thermostats that can be tied into a smart home system or left as is.

All of the Heatizon Radiant systems in this development boast a 25 year warranty, are low voltage, and are 100% efficient.