Floorizwarm Bathroom Heating Kits

By Cy Sherwood

Floorizwarm Low Voltage Heating Kits warm cold floor surfaces, and can also offer a solution for space heating needs in areas 110 square feet and smaller. Floorizwarm systems are designed to be spaced at specific intervals and lengths to produce a specified amount of heat per square foot. The Floorizwarm systems can deliver 7.5 to 15 watts per square feet and cover 15 to 110 square feet of floor areas. Installing Floorizwarm in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and other living areas turns rooms into comfortably warm environments at an economical price. Floorizwarm is listed by ETL to conform to UL Standards. The Tuff Cable heating element can be installed in Bathrooms and in Shower areas. The Floorizwarm Heating Element must always be installed in a heat sink, such as concrete, light-weight concrete or mortar bed, or Heatizon Heatsink Kit. Utilizing state of the art components, the Floorizwarm System has no moving parts to fail, and no water lines to break or crack. Add a 25 year warranty on the Floorizwarm Tuff Cable element, and you are guaranteed to have years of trouble free comfort. Each Floorizwarm AC model comes complete with the following materials: One Power Unit requires 120 volts AC with 15 amp breaker. Power Unit Dimensions 7H X 6.5W X 4.5D. One 7 day Programmable M337 Thermostat and 15 in floor remote bulb sensor requires a 120 volt AC 12/2 Wire from M337 Thermostat to the Power Unit. Floorizwarm Heating Element is a pre-measured length and will easily conforms to your area and satisfy your needs for warmth and comfort. Cold Lead 20 which connects the heating cable to the Control Box. Installation Manual all Installation Fasteners and Hardware.

Floorizwarm Systems for any area 110sqft and less.