Heating Things Up For 20 Years

Heatizon, pronounced “Heat Is On” began manufacturing its unique line of low voltage radiant heating products nearly 20 years ago in 1996. In the years since then we have added a whole range of products for snow melting, floor and space heating, and roof deicing. From our industrial grade GutterMelt Self-Regulating cable to our DIY Heatwave floor warming mats, Heatizon has a system for any radiant heating project.

Our low voltage ZMesh and Tuff Cable systems are the only products listed for deicing beneath roof coverings. These products continue to carry industry leading, 25 year warranties. Heatizon’s line of roof deicing products also includes GutterMelt, an industrial strength self-regulating cable with a unique construction.

Heatizon also manufactures a large selection of floor warming and space heating systems, with a solution for any floor including hardwood and carpet. ZMesh, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Cozy Heat and Tuff Cable provide a range of options to meet the needs of any project.

Snow Melting systems are experiencing tremendous growth in popularity, and Heatizon Tuff Cable and Hott-Wire provide a value and quality that cannot be matched. Perfect for heating pavers, concrete and asphalt, these snow melting cables can be tailored to a project for precise and efficient snow melting.

As Heatizon enters its 20th year, be on the lookout for new products, new distributors, and continued exceptional service.