Radiant Heating Benefits for Homeowners

Since installing Heatizon radiant heating systems inside my house, I’ve enjoyed even greater benefits than I anticipated.  Radiant heat systems offer a handful of other one-uppers to the traditional heating systems.  Here are a few I’ve enjoyed:

Comfortable:  Radiant heating systems are a more uniform heat that is distributed more evenly because it heats people and objects as the heat rises from the floor.  It’s just a different kind of heat.  When I walk in the room, not just the floor is warm, but everything in the room.  I love sitting in my previously cold basement, and feel cozy and comfortable all over.

Economical:  Since the more economical radiant heat warms the entire room, not just the floor, I have been able to lower my thermostat, which then decreases payments in peak winter months.  I’ve noticed a substantial reduction in heating costs. We dropped our thermostat three or four degrees, and I noticed about a 10 percent decrease in heating utilities.

Air Quality:  I suffer with allergies, asthma, and have a couple of cats to boot.  Radiant heating is a great choice for me because forced air heating tends to spread the dust around, and the ducts become inaccessible dust catchers.  The air quality in my home has been greatly improved.

Other Value:  Heatizon electric radiant heat products have the added value of being nearly 100% efficient, and requiring no fresh air venting or exhaust venting and being more efficient than forced air systems. Electric Heat products in particular are “Green” since they create no on site exhaust, they are made of predominantly recyclable materials, and they require no routine maintenance.

anonymous – satisfied homeowner