Why Should You Consider Radiant Heat?

As the cold months approach and temperatures drop, every home owner is faced with increasing power bills. It is costly to maintain warmth throughout your home if you are using a conventional furnace as your main heating source. Radiant heating offers many benefits and the decrease in your power bills is just the beginning!

Radiant heating products like ZMesh and Tuff Cable offer a clean, quiet alternative to traditional heating systems. That means no more cold floors, drafts, heat loss and no more cold or hot spots in a room.

Our radiant heat products can be installed in new construction or worked into any type of remodel or retrofit.

Using a low voltage electric radiant system, like Tuff Cable, means that 99% of your energy is used for heating and there are no moving parts or service required. Tuff Cable and ZMesh can be installed in any size room and each room, or zone, is operated by a thermostat that you can program. Just set it and forget it! Heatizon systems are self-regulating – you set the temperature for each zone and you never have to worry – and that means smaller power bills, since you are not heating rooms you are not using.

ZMesh and Tuff Cable are both made from recycled materials in the United States of America. They also come with a 25 year warranty, are 100% efficient and can be controlled by thermostat or sensor. You can cover them with virtually any type of floor covering – hardwood, stone, tile, laminate, linoleum or vinyl. Just imagine the feeling of getting out of bed stepping on warm floors!