Letter to Heatizon from a Happy Customer

Dear Heatizon,

This past summer I had one of your electric snow melting systems installed as part of a remodel project on my home. Since then I have waited with anticipation to see the snow melt as it falls on my new formal entry sidewalk and steps. As fate would have it, we have not had the significant snow fall that we normally get because, the meteorologists claim, the snow storms are trending to the North. Following a dry December, and a very dry 2012 so far, the snow has finally started to fall.

I am happy to report that I was amazed at how well my new sidewalk  snow melt system melted the snow and I am happy to report that its performance exceeds my expectations by a big margin. I am so thrilled with the results that I had to write this letter.

The idea of investigating a snow melting system for my project was first presented by my Architect who mentioned that installing electric snow melting cables into new concrete made a lot of sense given our winters in general and for my north facing home in particular. At first I thought that snow melting was a luxury that I probably could live without.

As luck would have it I attended a party a few days later and one of the other guests commented that he was glad that he had installed an electric snow melt system a few years ago because his health would no longer allow him to shovel snow. As an ice breaker I seized the opportunity to ask him several questions pertaining to his snow melt system including; “Where did he purchase it?” and, “How satisfied has he been with its performance?”

During our conversation he told me that his snow melting system was manufactured by a company located in Utah named “Heat is On” or something like that. A quick Google Search for “heat is on, electric snow melt, Utah” lead me to www.heatizon.com.

I feel so lucky to have found your company and to have discovered its products.


Dean B.

P.S. The nearest distributor of your products was WarmQuest which was professional and very capable of helping me with design services for my heated sidewalk, the right product selection, and technical support from people that have actually installed snow melt systems.