Hot Talk Newsletter – February 2015

Hot Talk Newsletter

Installing in Cold Weather

Winter may be here in force, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits of radiant heat. Many of our products can be installed during the winter. The cold weather is also the perfect time to identify trouble spots and plan ahead for installing during the warmer months.

Our GutterMelt heat trace cable can be installed at temperatures as low as 40° F, making it possible to address any ice dam problems that may arise. Our other deicing products can also be installed, weather permitting.

Our heated driveway systems can also be installed in cold weather. Minimum installation temperatures for concrete or any sealants used should be met.

Any interior work can go ahead as normal on a cold winter day, so get started on those heated floors!

What Type of Flooring Can Be Installed Over Radiant Heat?

A common question we see goes something like this:

“What kind of flooring can I install over my radiant heat?”

ZMesh Under Hardwood Flooring

12” ZMesh Heating Element is the ideal system for heating under hardwood floors. ZMesh can be installed directly under the hardwood flooring. Nails or staples to hold the hardwood covering may be driven directly through the ZMesh as long as the nails or staples do not come in contact with any other metal object.