Hot Talk Newsletter – June 2015

Hot Talk Newsletter

Snow Melting 

Roof Deicing 

Floor Warming & Space Heating 

The History of ZMesh [Timeline]

Heatizon ZMesh has a long and successful history of floor warming, space heating, and roof deicing. Its unique construction allows the bronze mesh to be nailed or stapled through during installation, making it ideal for heating under carpet, wood floors, or non-conductive shingles. The system is listed to ETL standards for interior floor and space heat, as well as roof deicing beneath non-conductive materials.

LEED Credits with Heatizon

At Heatizon Systems, we’ve designed radiant heating products that support green concepts, like sustainability, use of fewer natural resources, and energy-efficiency. So, while you enjoy comfortable, radiant heat and lower home maintenance costs, Heatizon will help you protect the environment.

5 Signs You Have an Ice Dam

Ice dams are formed when interior heat escapes and warms the roof. The melting snow then runs to the colder eave, where it refreezes. This process can cause severe damage to your roof, and potentially expose your interior to water damage.