Hot Talk Newsletter – November 2014

Hot Talk Newsletter

Introducing Heatwave Cables

Heatizon is pleased to announce an expansion of our Heatwave product line. We have introduced additional sizes of our 240V Heatwave mats to provide a greater range of solutions.

In addition to our popular mats, Heatwave cable is now available. These free flowing cables create the same floor warming experience as the mats while providing greater flexibility in layout and installation. Heatwave cable is an excellent choice for working around obstacles and in unusually shaped rooms.

Installation Tips: Part 1

When properly installed, Heatizon products provide efficient, and lasting radiant heat. For those installing our roof deicing, snow melting, or floor warming systems we have put together some tips to help you throughout the process.

Retiring Baby Boomers Driving Interest in Snow Melting Systems

The population of the United States is aging. The number of individuals over 65 is on the rise, and as baby boomers begin to retire, these numbers are expected to increase dramatically. It is estimated that by 2030, this age group will make up 20% of the population.