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Heatizon Systems Roof Snow & Ice Melt Products Earn ETL Listing

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September 15, 2005 – Heatizon Systems Roof Snow and Ice Melt Products receive ETL Listing

Murray, Utah – Heatwave Systems L.L.C. d.b.a. Heatizon Systems is pleased to announce that its roof snow and ice melt products, which use its Tuff Cable and/or Z Mesh heating elements, have passed the appropriate tests required by UL Standard 1588 and IEEE 844. The nationally recognized testing laboratories of Intertek Testing Services N.A. conducted the tests at Heatizon Systems Murray, Utah facility. Passing the tests resulted in Report No. 3071529-1 dated January 31, 2005 being issued by Intertek and entitles Heatizon Systems roof snow and ice melt products to be marked with the ETL mark for under roof covering material applications.

Russ Childs, with Heatizon Systems, said “we are extremely excited to have earned the right to use the ETL mark on our under roof snow and ice melt products. Our research concludes that Heatizon Systems roof snow and ice melt products are the only ones specifically listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for application under the roof covering material.”

According to Steven Bench, Managing Member for Heatizon Systems, “Heatizon Systems long standing objective of testing and listing all of its products to the most currently applicable standards has been achieved. We are thrilled to have our under roof snow and ice melt products join our floor warming, snow melting and space heating products in earning a listing that is specific to its application.”

Shawn Wright, with WarmQuest an official distributor of Heatizon Systems products, commented: “I am not aware of any other heating element product that is both designed to be installed permanently under the roof covering material and, listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for roof snow and ice melting. There are many roof snow and ice melt products that are designed to be installed on top of the roof covering material and in the gutters and downspouts but only Heatizon Systems products are designed to be completely invisible once the roof covering materials is installed.”

Mr. Childs added: “Heatizon Systems products compete in the highly competitive radiant heating industry against many high voltage and hot water products. Unfortunately, some of the products that compete against Heatizon Systems floor warming, space heating, snow melting and roof snow and ice melting products are:

not listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory; and/or,
not being installed in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the standards to which they have been tested and labeled”.
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