Invizimelt Roof Product Release


October 23, 2009

Heatizon Systems releases Invizimelt a revolutionary new product designed to go under metal roof covering material, flashing, and valley metal to melt snow and ice.

Murray, Utah, USA  October 23, 2009
The latest member to Heatizon Systems family of products designed to melt snow and ice from the eaves and valleys of roofs was introduced by Heatizon Systems last July in Reno at the annual convention and meeting of the Western States Roofers Association but it was not in full production and available for purchase until today.

Invizimelt joins Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit as the only products available to be installed under metal roofing materials. Invizimelt expands Heatizon Systems product offering and demonstrates Heatizon Systems commitment to deliver products that are designed to satisfy its customers needs and expand the leading edge for our industry according to Steven Bench, Managing Member of Heatizon Systems. Bench went on to say, This is a particularly exciting time for Heatizon Systems because we are seeing our research and development efforts produce product offerings that are meeting the needs of our customers.

Invizimelt is an innovative new heatsink system made primarily of aluminum, rather than the traditional gypsum or backer board that has typically been used in the installation of cable heating element for roofs and decks. The Invizimelt system is installed under the metal roofing materials, and has pre-formed channels that Heatizon Tuff Cable heating element is inserted in. The Invizimelt Panels are light and easy to handle, and can be attached to the subroof quickly and easily in a series of straight panels and curved turns.

Like all of Heatizon Systems under-roof snow melt and deicing products, Invizimelt is designed to deliver the following value propositions:
a) Removes snow and ice from the roof surface;
b) Controls icicles;
c) Provides an exit path for water to escape the roof;
d) Eliminates ice dams;
e) Does not distract from the beauty of the structure; and,
f) Utilizes Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable which comes with an industry leading 25 year warranty.

In addition, Heatizon Systems Roof Snow Melt and De-icing products are 100 percent energy efficient.

Heatizon Systems makes products designed to warm floors, heat buildings, melt snow and ice off of roofs and melt snow off of asphalt, concrete and paver surfaces. In addition to Invizimelt, the company markets its products under the following brand names: Cozy Heat, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Hott Wire, GutterMelt, Tuff Cable, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, and ZMesh.

Heatwave Systems, LLC dba Heatizon Systems is a Murray, Utah based manufacturer of electric radiant heating and snow melting products. All of the companys products are listed to UL and CSA standards and carry the ETL mark. The company has been in business since 1995.

For additional information regarding Heatizon Systems and/or its products please contact a Heatizon Systems Distributor, or Steve Bench at Heatizon Systems 4137 South 500 West, Murray, Utah 84123, 801-293-1232 or