Lake Tahoe, N. California, and W. Nevada Distribution with Vinks Electric

Heatizon Appoints Vinks Electric for Lake Tahoe, N. California, and W. Nevada Distribution

For Immediate Release:

March 9, 2011


We are pleased to announce the appointment of VINKS ELECTRIC, Truckee, California as a Heatizon Stocking Distributor for all Heatizon electric radiant heating products in and around the gorgeous Lake Tahoe Resort and surrounding areas. Vinks Electric product distribution includes our radiant floor heating, space heating, roof and gutter deicing, heated walkway, heated driveway, snow melting, and heat tracing products.

Heatizon has a long history of providing quality protection from winter ice and snow problems that Lake Tahoe area roofs, walking surfaces, and the residents there endure throughout the winter. Heatizons’ under roof ice melt solutions provide a way to keep the unique architecture found throughout Lake Tahoe aesthetically pleasing while protected from liabilities at the same time. Residents also find that our radiant floor heating products provide the longevity and reliability they seek to heat their homes and businesses.

HEATIZON SYSTEMS electric radiant snow melting, radiant floor heating, space heating, roof deicing, and heat tracing products have been used since 1979 and as a pioneer in the field of electric radiant heating, Heatizon Systems products have been tried and proven through the test of time while remaining the trend setter throughout the entire industry.

VINKS ELECTRIC is a full service electrical contractor and is one of Lake Tahoe’s most dependable electrical contractors. As a Certified Installer and now a Stocking Distributor, VINKS ELECTRIC has a dependable track record of designing, installing, and servicing Heatizon Products for engineers, architects, contractors, home owners, and business owners throughout the Lake Tahoe area. Please contact them at the following address:

P.O. Box 8932
Truckee, CA 96162
Telephone: 530-582-0524

Please visit us on the web for more information at or