New Low Voltage Control Unit

Press Release

Ryan Bench
Heatizon Systems

Heatizon Introduces New Low Voltage Radiant Heat Control Unit

Heatizon Systems is excited to introduce the Radiant 8 low voltage control unit. Designed for use in interior floor and space heating systems, as well as roof deicing and snow melting systems, the Radiant 8 gives the user increased control over their system.

Entirely microprocessor controlled, the Radiant 8 is self-calibrating and provides more flexibility in setup and operation. New features include an Energy Miser mode, which holds the heated area at a fixed temperature to preheat an area for a storm. The system has a Pause on Temp which can limit the system to 85°F, limiting costs and saving energy. Also included is a built in 4 to 12 hour timer button providing a manual override for activating the system.

“The software on the Radiant 8 has been engineered to maximize performance. Once the proper values are entered into the Radiant 8 programming, the Radiant 8 provides carefree operation” says Heatizon Product Manager Alan Christensen.

The Radiant 8 is self diagnosing, and uses a visual display to report any information about the system. Coupled with a built in alarm to alert users to any detected faults, this visual display simplifies any troubleshooting that may occur. To provide added control, the unit includes built in ground fault protection.

Like our CBX units, the Radiant 8 houses a step down transformer and the necessary controls for powering low voltage ZMesh or Tuff Cable radiant heating systems. For more details about this control unit visit:

HEATIZON SYSTEMS manufactures low and line voltage heating systems, providing roof deicing, snow melting, and interior heating solutions for commercial, residential and government projects. Heatizon products are sold by industry professionals via a distributor network.