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Heatizon Strategically Issued Patent for Roof Ice Melt Systems


Press Release

For Immediate Release – July 4, 2006


July 4, 2006 – Heatizon Systems is issued patent for roof snow and ice melt system.

Murray, Utah – Heatwave Systems L.L.C. d.b.a. Heatizon Systems is pleased to announce that it has obtained the rights to a patented under roof snow and ice melt technology designed to be installed under metal roofs, valley metal, and metal flashing. The patented product will be marketed under the brand name “Heatizon Heatsink Kit” and will utilize Heatizon Systems “Tuff Cable” heating element. Heatizon Systems roof snow and ice melt products will continue to be marked with the ETL mark for under roof covering material applications.

Steven Bench, Managing Member for Heatizon Systems, said, “We are extremely excited about the market potential for roof snow and ice melt that can be installed under metal roofing materials. Prior technologies for metal roofing materials have all attached to the exterior of the roof covering and were designed to provide a channel for water to escape the roof. Heatizon Systems products are designed to eliminate snow and ice from potential problematic areas of the roof, thereby eliminating the potential for ice dams and the damage they cause.”

Like all of Heatizon Systems low voltage products “Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit” proudly carries the ETL mark that indicates that it has satisfied the appropriate testing required by UL Standards. Bench stated, “Our research leads us to believe that Heatizon Systems roof snow and ice melt products are the only ones specifically listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for application under the roof covering material.”

Shawn Wright, with WarmQuest, an official distributor of Heatizon Systems products, commented, “I am not aware of any other heating element product that is both designed to be installed permanently under the roof covering material and is listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for roof snow and ice melting.”

Heatizon Systems products compete in the highly competitive radiant heating industry against many high voltage and hot water products. Unfortunately, some of the products that compete against Heatizon Systems floor warming, space heating, snow melting and roof snow and ice melting products are:

not listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory; and/or,
not being installed in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the standards to which they have been tested and labeled.
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