5 Signs You Have an Ice Dam

Ice Dam

Ice dams are formed when interior heat escapes and warms the roof. The melting snow then runs to the colder eave, where it refreezes. This process can cause severe damage to your roof, and potentially expose your interior to water damage.

So how do you know you have an ice dam problem?

#1 Interior Water Damage

Ice dams can allow water to seep into your home. If you notice evidence of water damage you should check your roof.

#2 Ice on Exterior Walls

If you notice ice forming on exterior walls, beneath siding, behind the soffit, or in any other odd places an ice dam may be the culprit. As water backs up on the roof eave, it can seep in and behind surfaces and refreeze. During warmer weather, this may be visible as water stains.

#3 Gutters Not Draining

If your gutters aren’t draining, you may have ice dams causing the water to back up on your roof. If left unchecked this water can work its way into the structure, or freeze and damage the roofing material.

#4 Icicles Form at Roof/Gutter Edge

Icicles can be an indicator of an ice dam. Icicles along your gutter edge indicate that water is not draining properly. If these icicles are causing backup on the roof, you can wind up with damage.

#5 Snow Melts High on the Roof, But Not Low

Ice dams form when melted snow and ice refreeze on the roof eave. If you have snow and ice buildup low on your roof, but things are clear higher up, then this can indicate an ice dam.

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