ZMesh: 9″ or 12″?

Our ZMesh product is a unique bronze mesh which can be used for floor warming, space heating, and roof deicing. Its unique construction allows it to be installed beneath non-conductive roof coverings like asphalt shingles, providing deicing without compromising the look of your roof. ZMesh is also perfect for floor installation beneath hardwood, carpet, and other flooring materials as it can be nailed or stapled through.

ZMesh comes in two widths, 9” and 12”. These options are not necessarily for varying the size of coverage, the major difference is actually related to heat output. The 9” heating element allows for more runs of heating element in the same space, creating a more concentrated heat (more watts per square foot).

We typically recommend the 9” mesh for roof deicing, where the increased heating power (up to 13 w/sq ft) means more effective snow and ice melting. 9” ZMesh is also used in space heating projects where the higher heat output is needed to heat the whole space.

Our 12” ZMesh is perfect for floor warming, providing ample heat (up to 10 w/sq ft) to warm the floor. This product allows you to heat around 700 square feet on a single circuit, and is perfect for areas large and small. Installed onto the subfloor, ZMesh is not embedded in cement as many cable systems are, and can be placed under most floor coverings with minimum floor buildup.

For information on using ZMesh in your project, give us a call at 888-239-1232