Installing Hott-Wire in New Pour Asphalt

One of the many selling points of Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable is that it can be installed in hot asphalt with minimal accommodations. This durable cable is capable of withstanding the heat as well as pressure from the tools and equipment used.

There are two ways to install Hott-Wire in new poured asphalt. First, you can lay the cables out over sand or stone dust and then cover the Hott-Wire with ½” of substrate material such as sand. After this you can continue installing asphalt as normal over the cables.

Alternatively, you can install the cable over an existing layer of asphalt or concrete. This method essentially sandwiches the cable between layers. Once the cables are installed, but before beginning the main pour, place a layer of asphalt at least ½” thick over the cables by hand, and roll with a roller approximately 1.5 ton in size. This initial layer will protect the Hott-Wire from damage from tools and paving equipment as well as from the heat of the main pour. Once this layer is in place, the main pour can proceed as normal.

Regardless of the method chosen, the insulation resistance of the cables should be continuously monitored to ensure the cables are not damaged while pouring asphalt.

Durability is just one of the many strengths of Hott-Wire. Additionally cables come with preconnected cold leads, these connections are made in the factory, providing you with a stronger connection. Hott-Wire MI cable is tested to more rigorous UL standards than competing products and is easier to repair. For more information, visit: