Tips for Installing Fixed Length Systems

When installing radiant heat for snow melting or floor warming, one factor that significantly impacts the process is whether the cable is fixed length or cut to fit in the field. Many of our products consist of a heating element and a cold lead. This cold lead does not heat up, and is used to connect the heating element to power. In our fixed length cables these cold leads come pre-attached from the factory and the heating element cannot be cut or adjusted; the cold leads can be cut to fit the circumstances.

These fixed length cables are excellent products and accomplish their task well. Installing these systems does require a bit of planning to ensure the entire length is used. You don’t want to run out of cable too early, or install the system only to find yourself with an extra few feet of heating element left over at the end.

Snow Melting

Our Hott-Wire snow melting cable can be installed in new pour asphalt or concrete, in a sand bed under pavers, and retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt. Planning ahead can prevent headaches during the installation process.

Plan your runs and spacing of cable to ensure you are able to install the entire system. Lay the system out so that the cable starts and ends in the same place. If you are working with multiple lengths of cable, plan ahead so that each cable is able to return to the starting point.

When retrofitting Hott-Wire for snow melting, the cable is inserted into saw cuts. This makes planning critical before the cuts are made. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

Floor Warming

Several of our floor warming products are also fixed length. As with snow melting, careful planning can ensure a smooth install.

When working with Floorizwarm and Cozy Heat products, ensure the cable begins and ends in the same location. Plan the loop so that the area is covered and the entire cable is used.

Our Heatwave products are also fixed length, but only have a single cold lead. This eliminates the need to plan a loop that starts and ends in the same location. It is still important to plan a layout that uses up the entire cable or mat.

For more information on how to install our products, check out these installation resources.