Radiant Buyers Guide

Radiant Buyers Guide

By Steven D. Bench, Managing Member, Heatizon Systems

The internet is a wonderful information communication tool that has enhanced the growth and profitability of many businesses, including Heatizon Systems.  But the internet also has made it difficult for purchasers to disquinish between good and poor products and ethical and unethical sellers.  The purpose of this article is to help prospective purchasers of Radiant Heating and Snow Melting Products get accurate product information and select sellers that are deserving of their business.

In the old days of brick and mortar the integrity and reputation of a product vender was policed by the marketplace.  The bad ones went out of business as their poor reputations quickly spread amongst friends and neighbors.  Honesty and fair dealing were rewarded with a fair and reasonable profit and longevity of the business.  Successful long term business owners relied on their good reputation and fair dealings to grow their business.

Along with the expansion of the internet, and the decline in the importance of brick and mortar locations, much more information and many more provider alternatives are at our fingertips but we know less about them.  The challenge for buyers is to sort through all of the information necessary to select those products and venders that best equipped to best satisfy their needs.  By seeking answers to each of the following questions prospective purchasers of Radiant Heating and Snow Melting Products will be able to identify the best products for their application and select the best provider to deal with.

Radiant Product Selection
1)    Is the product specifically designed to satisfy your need?
2)    Are specific instructions for your particular installation readily available for review prior to purchase?
3)    Does the product manufacturer offer conveniently accessible technical support?
4)    Is the product listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory such as ETL, UL, etc.?  Will the manufacturer of the product provide you with a copy of the Authorization to Mark received from the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory?
5)    How long has the product been on the market?  Is the warranty period longer than the products proven track record?
6)    Is the manufacturer’s warranty available for review prior to purchase and does it meet your expectations?
7)    Where is the manufacturer of the product located?  Alternatively, where will you send the product in the event it needs repair or replacement?
8)    Is the product manufacturer a member of the Better Business Bureau?  If yes then is the business in good standing?
9)    Is the manufacturer available via telephone, U.S. mail and/or email?  Does the manufacturer have a street address or only a Post Office Box?

Provider Selection
1)    Is the prospective provider willing to share the name and contact information of the product manufacturer with you before you purchase anything?
2)    Have you been given the opportunity to review the warranty of each product under consideration?
3)    Is the prospective provider able and willing to effectively explain the advantages of his product offering relative to those offered by his competitors?  Do the recommended products satisfy your objectives?
4)    Does the recommended product selection take into consideration your needs and desires or did the prospective provider make a selection based on maximizing his profit or some other subjective selection criterion gimmick like “we offer only the best of the breed”.
5)    Does the prospective provider have a brick and mortar location and adequate inventory to satisfy your requirements or is he simply a front man with a website and telephone number?
6)    How long has each prospective provider been in business and does he have a reputation for fair and honest dealings?
7)    Has the ownership of the provider business been stable or has the ownership changes over the years it has been in business?
8)    Does the proposed price allow the provider to, make a reasonable profit and, stay in business to serve you in the future?

If you do not know the answer to each of the above questions and your alternative providers are unwilling or unable to answer them then I strongly encourage you to take your business else where.