ZMesh Radiant Heat

ZMesh Radiant Heat

By Steven D. Bench
Managing Member
Heatizon Systems

When people associated with the radiant heating industry use the
words “ZMesh”, “Golden Mesh”, “Z Mesh”, or just plain “Mesh” they are referring to a
durable line of low voltage line electric products made by Heatizon Systems and used for
Radiant Roof Snow Melt and De-icing, Radiant Floor Warming and Radiant Heating.

Designed to be installed on and under sub-floors and on sub-roofs, ZMesh provides a
nice uniform heat and it is plenty robust to satisfy the demands of discriminating radiant
heat, radiant roof deicing, and radiant floor warming customers. In addition,

  • ZMesh – is gold in color and marquee in performance.
  • ZMesh – can withstand nails or screws as long as they do not short it to metal.
  • ZMesh – is made of durable bronze and warranted for 25 years.
  • ZMesh – is simple and easy to repair if it is cut or damaged.
  • ZMesh – requires little or no floor build-up.
  • ZMesh – can be installed under all non-conductive shingles and nearly all floor coverings.
  • ZMesh – is a cut to length in the field product rather than a fixed length product.
  • ZMesh – can be retro-fitted between floor joists from an unfinished basement or crawlspace.
  • ZMesh – is used for radiant heat, radiant floor warming, and radiant roof snow and ice melting.
  • ZMesh – is available in 9 and 12 inch widths and lengths from 50 to 400 feet long.
  • ZMesh – is plenty robust to heat entire spaces and eliminate ice dams.
  • ZMesh – has been tested to UL Standards and is listed by ETL.
  • ZMesh – is made in the United States of America.
  • ZMesh – is a term that has been trademarked by Heatizon Systems.

Heatizon Systems products are manufactured in Murray Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, and are marketed across the United States and Canada.